Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS device or GPS-enabled smartphone, where you try to find so-called caches, containers that hold a log book and somethings also small trading gifts, which are hidden in the area. An Earthcache is a special kind of geocache, designed to show a special geological feature of the area, so you can learn something about it. 

On this page you can find links to geocaches and earthcaches in and around the Ritland Crater. So put on your boots, strap on your GPS device and have fun when caching!


GC2WDX6 Ritland impact crater


GC2EKYA Kleivaland

GC368GC Vormedalen bedehus og skule

GC2TT72 Smalaneset

GC2JH74 End of the Road

GC3KBGC Kjeurda

GC18K40 Viglesdal






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