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View of the Ritland Crater

This trip leads through meadows, woods and open terrain to a viewpoint at the north edge of the Ritland Crater. It starts on a trail and continues upwards on a gravel road. At the end you turn off the road to follow a trail up a peak where you'll have a panoramic view across the crater.

View of the Ritland Crater at EveryTrail

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Easy hike into the Ritland Crater

For this trip, you follow the private road to the Ritland farm into the heart of the crater to the Ritlandtjoernane, two small lakes in the heart of the Ritland Crater. This easy hike offers beautiful views of the surrounding farm lands, woods, mountains and the Kleivalandsåna river, as well as the effects of the meteorite impact in the rocks.

To the heart of the Ritland crater at EveryTrail

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