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Hjelmeland is a rural and nature-rich municipality in the heart of the Ryfylke region, Nord-east of Stavanger. Cross the fjords with the ferry from Lauvvik to Oanes or from Stavanger to Tau. Follow road 13 towards Røldal, until just before the next ferry crossing in Hjelmeland. Take the first exit at the roundabout and drive towards Vormedalen towards the Kleivaland parking (follow the signs). Park your car and follow the trail towards the Melands-Grønahei hiking cabin. When you enter a valley after a 35-45 minute walk, you’ve reached the Ritland Crater.

Ryfylke is a beautiful region in South-West Norway, where one can experience the different landscapes of Norway. One finds coastal landscapes, fjords, islands and skerries, rocky cliffs in the water, rivers with and without wild salmon, lowlands, valleys, highlands and mountain tops.    

Ryfylke is the home to known natural attractions like the Pulpit rock, the Kjerag plateau and other special natural and cultural sites, e.g. Skomakarnibbå, the Svandal waterfall, the salmon river Suldalslågen, the hydroelectric dams and lake of Blåsjø, the Ryfylke islands, the 4444 stairs of Flørli and the zinc mine of Almannajuvet.  

The Ryfylke National Tourist road is a 183 km long road through the beautiful Ryfylke nature from Oanes near the Lysefjord to Hårå near to Røldal.

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